0000003_Title: Pavo Cristatus/Material: Canvas/Technique: Acryl/Size: 355.6 Inch x 254 Inch/Year: 2018

Ostrich painted from a photograph of the photographerKlaus 
Maximilian Gierden from Cologne.
I have permission to publish from Mr. Gierden,
received on 05.11.2018 by email.

0000002_Title: Ostrich/Material: Boesner Card Board/Technique: Acryl/Size: 104.6 Inch x 203.2 Inch/Year: 2018

0000001_Title: Asterix/Material: Paper/Technique: Pastel Chalk/Size: 88.9 Inch x 114.3 Inch/Year: 2010